Where to stay in New York

If you're thinking is on a trip to New York, here we are several options you can choose to stay in this great city:
1. Hotels. The hotels of New York is really wide, and in the neighborhood of Times Square, where more varieties of hotels and prices you can find, with more than 12,500 rooms available for one, two, three or even four people.
Prices vary widely, however, the average per night per person in New York is about $ 150, while the most expensive can reach $ 12,000.
The hotels that are most rampant in the city are the three or four stars.
2. Apartments. It is a cheaper option to travel although it should be noted that all food spending is at your own tourist.  New York apartments typically are offered fully equipped kitchens and other amenities, are rented for a limited time. This accommodation is ideal if you want to travel in groups.
For a tour of the city it is best to choose the district of Manhattan due to its proximity to downtown and its proximity to major attractions.
 3. Shelters and hostels. No doubt the cheapest option for this destination is choosing a hostel where to stay. Although their services are basic, fulfill the purpose of sleeping in the city. Shelters and hostels in New York cost an average $ 30 per person per night.

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