West Village in New York

West Village in New York, Although at the time was a symbol of everything artistic, flamboyant and bohemian, this popular neighborhood of West Village floors, better known by most visitors as Greenwich Village, is now quite off.

This is so since the privileged residents of high income housing inspired the Giuliani-era campaigns against local noise, public consumption of alcohol and other recreational aspects of urban life.

In this neighborhood we can find the New York University, founded in 1831 by Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treasury by President Thomas Jefferson. Originally appeared as a small institution of higher education open to all students, regardless of race or social class. Today more than 48,000 students, with students fresh from the schools attending the 14 schools and colleges located in Manhattan‘s six points.

The Washington Square Garden was originally a cemetery, which prevented its development. It is now very well used, especially on weekends. Children use the playground, students at New York University sunbathing on the lawn and friends gather under the “arc”, the monument located on its northern boundary, designed by architect Stanford White’s high society .

Around the central fountain, artists and musicians play their numbers and street vending carts food deal to satisfy those who need something to put in our mouths.

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